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Our company has more than three decades of professional experience in environmental services and remediation. Day by day, we are working to find new and innovative solutions to protect our fragile environment.

Leveraging the competence of our experts, we aim to provide complex services in environmental planning, licensing and remediation to enforce the principles of sustainability and the interests of your business at the same time.  We believe that environmental protection can be managed in a streamlined and market-driven manner enhancing the quality of life of current and future generations. Leveraging our experience, expertise and network, we steadily and passionately look for the environmental solutions that can make our partners’ business more effective and competitive in the market. Using the greatest innovations of science and technology, and keeping up-to-date with the changes in legal regulations, we continue learning to provide you with high-quality services enhancing the value of your business.

We hope we’ll earn your trust and you’ll join us on this journey. We are looking forward to cooperating with your company.

True, the dangers threatening humanity have in no way diminished, but the number of people who are aware of them is rapidly increasing.” (Konrad Lorenz)


We offer our services throughout the country. Our aim is to introduce both the well-established and the new techniques that we apply and produce, and to use them with a high-quality engineering background both within and beyond the country borders.

Remediation related activities, water rights licensing planning and execution of licensing, environmental protection revisions, environment related data services and administration with the authorities, preparation of impact assessments, geomechanical expert’s reports, geological-hydrogeological activities, waste management planning, preparation of accident control plan and emergency recovery plan, environmental risk assessment, modeling,tank removal and its documentation

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Geomechanical boring, environmental protection related boring, well backfilling.

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Pump-and-treat (P&T), in situ soil flushing, air-sparging, biosparging, soil vapor extraction (SVE), air venting, bioventing, bioremediation and their combinations.

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Soil sampling, subsoil water sampling, soil vapor sampling.

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Development and production of skimming pumps, manual skimmers, water treatment equipment (strippers), tanks, unique equipment and systems.

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Beyond the remediation activities we also offer geological and hydrogeological planning and construction services as well as organizing compulsory reporting of data to environmental authorities (concerning hazardous waste, air quality management and subsoil waters).
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